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Computer-Adaptive, Personalized Solutions

ACCUPLACER’s computer-adaptive design gives each student a unique, personalized experience. Each test question determines the difficulty level of the next. A student’s final score is determined by two factors: the number of questions answered correctly, and the difficulty level of the questions answered correctly. This process:

  • Gives students an experience that is both less intimidating (because the difficulty level is adjusted to each individual's ability) and less tiring (because it takes less time);
  • Allows professionals to easily differentiate among test-takers across a wide range of levels with fewer items and in less time than traditional tests.

Immediate Feedback and Online Scoring

ACCUPLACER’s online format allows both secondary and higher education institutions to administer quality assessments to many students simultaneously at an affordable price without the attendant difficulties of installing and upgrading software.

Individual student score reports are available immediately after testing. The reports contain student test scores, custom messages from the institution and information about course placement based on institutional placement scores.