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In colleges and high schools throughout the United States, the ACCUPLACER system is working to improve placement precision, pinpoint student needs, and promote improved completion rates.

Whether yours is a two- or four-year higher education institution or a career and technical school, you’ll find case studies and user testimonials that will give you valuable insight into how ACCUPLACER can help you help your students succeed.

Higher Education Case Studies

Cerritos College: Improving Course Placement

"Of the students that finished the pilot, 100% of them showed improvement on the ACCUPLACER diagnostic test. ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab is definitely something to consider if you are dealing with college readiness issues in English, reading, or math."

Bryan Reece, Dean of Academic Success and Institutional Effectiveness
Cerritos College, California

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High Schools and K–12 School Districts

Enhancing College Readiness Before High School Graduation

"College readiness is a huge issue right now—one that we as community college administrators, faculty, and staff have to grapple with. ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab helps with student completion."

Dr. Beverly Walker-Griffea, Senior Vice President for Student Services
Montgomery College, Maryland

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