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Validity Services

Admitted Class Evaluation Service (ACES) ™ is a free online service that predicts how admitted students will perform at your institutions generally and how successful they can be in specific classes.  ACES offers two types of validity studies—admission and placement. These studies identify the optimum combination of measures to predict a student’s future performance at your institution.

Learn more about how to request an ACES validity study and information about the reporting of results:

Placement Validity Study

Validate your placement decisions

Admission Validity Study

Understand predictors of success

For questions regarding ACES, please email

Other Downloadable Resources

  • ACCUPLACER Study App Flyer

    Print and distribute! ACCUPLACER has developed a free web-based study app to help students become familiar with the style and content of questions in ACCUPLACER tests. The app provides access to interactive sample questions and immediate explanations to correct and incorrect answers. Students can practice for both the classic and next-generation tests. Please make sure your student knows which version of ACCUPLACER they are taking.

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  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) Overview Brochure

    While many students choose community or two-year colleges as a first step to subsequent enrollment in a four-year institution, a growing number of students are opting for postsecondary opportunities in career and technical education (CTE). ACCUPLACER can help these students identify their academic strengths and needs and, in many cases, can open new doors to finding alternative routes to reaching their unique career goals.

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