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Register for professional development webinars, download implementation guides, and watch videos on how to setup reports, set cut scores and more.

Our professional development series is designed to provide information and support for ACCUPLACER users. These webinars are designed for faculty and testing professionals who want to learn more about ACCUPLACER products, best practices, and how to implement the testing system. We encourage you to attend the following sessions:

  • ACCUPLACER Overview. Review test content, account setup options, and resources for student engagement and intervention and how ACCUPLACER can be used for ATB testing.
  • Policy Development. Learn how to develop and design placement policies for your institution related to cut scores, incorporating the use of multiple measures with test scores, and the use of validity studies to understand your placement decisions.
  • Account Setup. Review the account, test, and placement setup requirements, learn how to create new users, and how to use the diagnostic and data reporting tools to support intervention.
  • Reporting. Understand and learn how to create the various reports available within ACCUPLACER.


Downloadable Resources

New to ACCUPLACER: Review these resources to get started.

Review these resources to help develop your placement policy and plan for testing.

Use the following resources to set up and operate your account.

Recorded Video Sessions