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ACCUPLACER is hosting free Professional Development webcasts starting October 4, 2016.

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This professional development series is designed to provide information and support or new ACCUPLACER users. We recommend that you attend the first four sessions in the order presented to fully understand the ACCUPLACER platform, test content, and steps to implementation. The following sessions will be available:


Session 1 – ACCUPLACER Overview
Learn more about the ACCUPLACER program, test content, account setup options, and resources for student engagement and intervention, and use of ACCUPLACER for ATB testing.


Session 2 – Policy Development
Learn how to develop and design placement policies for your institution. Discussion will include the resources available to faculty, suggestions for developing cut scores, use of multiple measures beyond test scores, and the use of validity studies to understand results.


Session 3 – Account Setup 
This session will review the setup required for an ACCUPLACER account including how to create new users, test setup, and placement setup. Various models of testing and placement will be discussed including how to use the diagnostic and data reporting tools to support intervention.


Session 4 – Reporting
Understand the various reports available within ACCUPLACER. Review the creation of custom reports, and cover options for data export from ACCUPLACER for use in your institution's student information system.


Stand Alone Sessions


Next-Generation ACCUPLACER
ACCUPLACER has been administered for over 30 years. During that time, we have been paying close attention to the research and evidence on what matters most for college and career readiness and success. Learn about our redesigned tests, Next-Generation ACCUPLACER, launching this fall.


Preregistration and Vouchers
The pre-registration and voucher system is designed for testing large groups of students. This session will review the process to preregister students for an ACCUPLACER test administration.  Preregistration increases the accuracy of student demographics, decreases time needed to check in. 


Multiple Measures
This session will discuss the various reports available within ACCUPLACER, review the creation of custom reports, and cover options for data exports from ACCUPLACER for use in student information systems.


Methods for Setting Cut Scores
This session presents methods for determining cut scores to place students into developmental education classes or college-level courses. 


Recorded Sessions

ACCUPLACER Account Setup

This session is designed to assist new users in performing the initial setup of a new ACCUPLACER account. It provides process overviews, descriptions of features, step-by-steps instructions, and video demonstrations of key functions.

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ACCUPLACER Computer Skills Placement

This session provides an overview of the suite of Computer Skills Placement exams, which assess student competency in basic computer skills.

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ACCUPLACER Diagnostics and Intervention

This session introduces ACCUPLACER Diagnostics, which provide a detailed analysis of individual student and class performance, and MyFoundationsLab online content, which is used to create an individualized learning path based on a student’s diagnostic results.

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This session provides an overview of ESL exams for use in assessing students’ English language proficiency.

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This session introduces the ACCUPLACER platform, provides an overview of the ACCUPLACER exams and platform, reviews reporting options, and examines placement and diagnostics usage.

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ACCUPLACER Reliability and Validity

In this session we will present the research that establishes the reliability and validity of ACCUPLACER assessments. Information is included about designing your own Admitted Class Evaluation Study (ACES) to validate your cut scores.

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This session highlights the reporting options available, including methods for creating and exporting customized reports.

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This session provides an overview of the WritePlacer and WritePlacer ESL exams, which assess students’ writing abilities for use in course placement.

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Best Practices in Implementing ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab

This session reviews the results and the lessons learned from various pilots conducted around the country in both colleges and high schools. In addition, it will explore keys to successful implementation including planning, testing, instruction and data collection.

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Exporting Data from ACCUPLACER into Student Information Systems

This session highlights the options for exporting data from ACCUPLACER to allow for import into campus student information systems such as Banner, Datatel, or PeopleSoft.

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Innovative Practices Using ACCUPLACER

Recent additions to ACCUPLACER have spurred innovation by institutions in testing, early intervention, and aligning high school and college standards. This session reviews cutting edge practices which have proven effective in enhancing student success at both the high school and college levels.

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Methods for Setting Cut Scores

This session covers methods for determining cut scores to place students into developmental education classes or college-level courses.

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Using ACCUPLACER to Enhance College Readiness for High School Students

This session discusses the design and use of ACCUPLACER as a measure of college readiness and presents tools and strategies to diagnose student strengths/needs to provide intervention prior to enrollment in college.

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