ACCUPLACER is a series of tests that evaluate students’ skills in reading, writing, and math to help college administrators place them in courses that match their skills. For an Ability to Benefit (ATB) ACCUPLACER account email [email protected].

Give Students a Successful Start

ACCUPLACER helps students understand their current skill levels and provides Learning Resources to help them address skill gaps. ACCUPLACER scores let students know where they stand academically, which makes it easier for them to plan a successful path toward a college degree.

Simplifies Placement Decisions

ACCUPLACER makes it easier for advisors and counselors to determine whether a student is ready to take a college-level class, or if they need additional support before enrolling in credit-bearing courses.

Supplies Free Learning Resources

The ACCUPLACER Perspective Learning Resources is a free tool that provides hundreds of learning exercises to help strengthen students’ knowledge and gives faculty an increased ability to enhance student learning. Upon completion of ACCUPLACER testing, students are assigned Learning Locator™ codes that will deliver specific materials targeted to the growth areas identified on their Individual Score Reports (ISR). 

Supports Holistic Placement Decisions

Through the ACCUPLACER platform, you can incorporate multiple factors, such as a student’s high school GPA, course load, and learning strategies, with their test scores to make more meaningful and reliable placement decisions.

Flexible Test Options

Individual students deserve individual tests. Because students’ backgrounds and experience vary, ACCUPLACER customizes test question difficulty for each student. This lets you easily differentiate among test takers across a wide range of skill levels with fewer items and in less time than traditional tests.

Create Your Own Local Tests

ACCUPLACER gives colleges the option to create and administer their own tests or surveys to enhance its placement policy. You can also use these custom tests as program entrance exams or to replace paper-and-pencil tests. Like other ACCUPLACER tests, these assessments are scored instantly and can help you reduce costs and shrink your school's carbon footprint.

Online Scoring. Immediate Feedback.

ACCUPLACER tests are conducted online so it’s easy and cost-effective to test many students at once. And as soon as a student completes a test, their score reports are available online. These reports include test scores, custom messages from the college, and information about course placement based on a student’s scores.

See how test content aligns with college readiness standards

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Understand how to interpret ACCUPLACER scores

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