Important updates about ACCUPLACER

We are closely monitoring information about the coronavirus (COVID-19).

We continue to respond to your concerns regarding proctoring and share your desire to best serve your students. We want to support institutions in these challenging times as best we can. For the most up to date information on alternative proctoring options, please log in to ACCUPLACER platform at, or email [email protected].

Remote Proctoring Options

We have expanded proctoring options to provide institutions greater flexibility in administering ACCUPLACER. Available proctoring solutions include:

Video/Chat Proctoring

Utilizes your ACTA-certified proctors who may be working remotely, to virtually monitor test takers at home, throughout the entire testing experience. One proctor is able to proctor 3–5 test takers at once.

Examity Live Proctoring

Utilizes Examity's remote proctors and is available 24/7. Examity proctors monitor test taker behavior via webcam. Each session is recorded and undergoes a human audit. This is a great option for institutions with limited staff or for students unable to test on campus.

Examity Automated Proctoring

Utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to authenticate a test taker’s ID, launch the exam, monitor the test administration, and identify suspicious behavior. After a test administration, institutions can choose how the test session is reviewed.

Resources to support each of these options is available on the platform.

Zoom Proctoring and Testing on Chromebooks

Students can use Chromebooks when testing through Zoom. All previously published instructions work except that Chromebooks will not allow the proctor to take control of the student's Chromebook to enter a password. If the student causes the Test Session Lockout to occur the student will need to close the test and return to the login screen to re-enter their voucher information and the proctor will need to authorize testing again from the Test Center Management Dashboard.

Additional information can be found on the ACCUPLACER platform.

Peer Support Through Our Online Community Forum

For ACCUPLACER customer peer support, we recommend joining ACCUPLACER's Online Community Forum. Visit Resources at for further information and instructions to join.

Get up-to-date information on all the changes for students and educators affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).