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ACCUPLACER helps educational institutions address the growing challenge of remediation with features including:

  • The ability to input GPA and other variables to allow for placement using test scores as one of multiple factors.
  • A multiple weight measuring tool that allows institutions to apply values to a student’s background and experience.
  • Customized and modularized tests that provide both diagnostic and placement scores that can align with local, state, and national standards.
  • Preparatory tools for students, including free sample questions and practice tests.

Placement Assessments

ACCUPLACER makes it easier for advisors and counselors to determine whether a student is ready to take a college-level class, or if they should take transitional or developmental courses prior to enrolling.

Our customized placement tests provide results that can align with local, state, and national standards.

Diagnostic Assessments

ACCUPLACER diagnostic assessments provide detailed analysis of a student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to enhance college preparedness and academic performance. Untimed and available in four subjects, the assessments are designed for use at both high schools and postsecondary institutions. ACCUPLACER diagnostic assessments enable institutions to:

  • Assess student preparedness in reading, writing, and math.
  • Learn more about a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses while they are still in high school, transitioning to college, or already attending college.
  • Apply academic interventions with greater precision.
  • Address student remediation issues and develop tutoring and mentoring strategies early.
  • Help students identify which skill areas to focus on for improvement.

Writing Assessments

WritePlacer® asks students to write an essay that is then scored to measure their writing skills. Essays are scored electronically using an automated system and results are returned within seconds. Institutions can also use WritePlacer to assess writing skills for English learners. 

ESL Assessments

ACCUPLACER ESL helps English learners in appropriate language courses. Developed as an assessment tool for ESL students and English as a foreign language (EFL) students, it consists of five components: Sentence Meaning, Language Use, Reading Skills, Listening, and WritePlacer ESL.


ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab is a comprehensive online intervention system that assesses and builds students’ academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. Based on their initial ACCUPLACER diagnostic scores, students are given a personalized learning path through MyFoundationsLab to improve their skills and master core concepts. Institutions can customize the tool as part of their curriculum while preparing students for college and success.

Learn more about ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab—download our ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab Brochure or visit

Computer Skills Assessment

ACCUPLACER Computer Skills Placement (CSP) assesses students’ competency in basic computer skills and helps institutions place students in the correct computer skills courses or waive a computer skills requirement. CSP is available in a 70 question standard version or a 30 question basic version.

Local Tests

The ACCUPLACER local test feature gives institutions the option to create their own multiple-choice and multiple-response linear assessments. Assessments are scored instantly and scores remain available for four years. Local tests can help your institution reduce costs associated with paper and pencil booklets, lessen your institution’s carbon footprint, and reduce administrative costs.