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Boost Student Performance

The College Board partnered with Pearson to develop ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab, a diagnostic assessment combined with proven intervention and remediation to help students fill any knowledge or skills gaps identified on the test.

ACCUPLACER Diagnostics: The First Step

Students begin by taking ACCUPLACER Diagnostics, a set of untimed, computer-adaptive assessments that give students and educators a detailed evaluation of academic strengths and weaknesses. ACCUPLACER diagnostic tests are available in four subjects:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Skills
  • Arithmetic
  • Elementary Algebra

Results from the ACCUPLACER diagnostic tests are delivered immediately, and counselors can access reports readily. For detailed information, download the ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab brochure.

The Next Step: Proven Intervention and Remediation Supports

Based on a student’s performance on an ACCUPLACER diagnostic test, ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab creates a personalized learning path. It’s targeted, just-in-time remediation mapped to the student’s specific needs.

  • Each student receives immediate feedback so they can revisit concepts and skills they need to master.
  • Students can access support 24/7 from any internet-capable device, so they can work at their own pace.
  • Detailed reporting makes it easy for students to monitor their progress.

ACCUPLACER Diagnostics and Intervention Can Work in Multiple Settings

High schools use ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab to support early intervention, credit recovery, dual enrollment, and GEAR UP programs, and to help students make sure they’re ready for college, technical school, or other postsecondary opportunities.

Two-year, four-year, and technical schools use ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab in summer bridge programs for first-year students and in transitional programs for traditional and nontraditional students.