Prepare Students for ACCUPLACER

Many students aren’t familiar with course placement tests like ACCUPLACER, so they may be nervous about taking them. You can reduce their anxiety by explaining the purpose of placement tests and how students can prepare to do well on them.


  1. Meet with students

    Help students understand how ACCUPLACER tests make sure they’re placed in courses that match their skill levels. If their test scores show that they’re ready for college-level courses, they won’t have to take developmental courses and they’ll start earning credits faster.

  2. Download the ACCUPLACER student flyer

    Post this flyer in your testing center and give it to students. It reinforces how ACCUPLACER tests can help them and tells them how to access free practice materials via the ACCUPLACER study app.

  3. Recommend the ACCUPLACER study app

    Make sure students know about the free ACCUPLACER study app and practice questions available to them. They can download questions for the Reading, Writing, Math, and ESL tests, as well as a WritePlacer® guide with scored sample essays.