My account is expiring/has expired or is locked. What do I do?

In the ACCUPLACER testing platform, you may periodically see a notice that your account is about to expire. No need for alarm, ACCUPLACER accounts don’t expire; however, your user credentials do have expiration dates that can be easily updated by you or someone at your institution with either Institution Administrator (IA) or Site Manager (SM) credentials.

Prior to the account expiring, log in to the ACCUPLACER testing platform and follow these steps to extend the login credential expiration date to prevent the account from being locked. Multiple user account expiration dates can be updated simultaneously.

Please note: It is good practice to review user accounts every six months, removing any unneeded users and extending all active user accounts for one year.

1) Click on the Users Tab.

2) Click on Manage Profiles.

3) Click on User Profiles.

4) "Search" via name or username.

5) Locate the Username and under "action" click edit.

6) Extend the expiration date. (Expiration dates can only be extended out one year.)

7) Save.

If the account is locked, follow steps 1-4, then under "action" click reset password and yes to confirm.