When ordering test units, how do I ensure that my test units are placed in the appropriate location for immediate use?

When placing a unit order for ACCUPLACER, make sure to use the ID for the Institution or Site where you would like the units to be immediately stored and available for use. Units will only be visible and available under the account for which you ordered. If an Institution ID is used to order units, the units will only be visible and available at that level. If a Site ID is used, units will be visible and available for use at that specific site. If you need units to be available for testing at a specific site immediately, place your order using that site’s ID (an ID with nine digits).

We are unable to move units from an Institution to a Site. Should you wish to move units after purchasing, (from the institution level to a site or between sites) your IA can do so at any time by logging into the ACCUPLACER platform--see FAQ How do I transfer units for guidance.