Get Ready for Test Day

Here are some important things to keep in mind before you take an ACCUPLACER test.

Make an Appointment

While some schools allow you to walk in and test, be sure to contact the school you’re enrolling in to see if an appointment is necessary. If you don’t live close to the campus, the school can let you know about other testing options.

Ask About Accommodations

If you have a documented disability, contact your school’s test center to find out what testing accommodations are available.

Know What to Bring on Test Day

Be sure to bring a photo ID to the test center. Your test center may require you to bring other items, so be sure to check with them before test day.

Prepare for the Test

Download sample ACCUPLACER questions and sample essay prompts and register to take free practice tests to make sure you’re prepared for test day.


Can I use calculators on the ACCUPLACER math tests?

There are some questions that allow you to use an onscreen calculator; these questions will have a calculator icon in the top-right corner of the screen. You’re not allowed to bring a physical calculator into the test center or use handheld calculators on any ACCUPLACER Math test.

Exception: Students who've been approved to use handheld calculators through an official accommodations request may use them in accordance with the approved accommodation.

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Is there anything I shouldn’t bring on test day?

Yes. Here are some of the things you’re not allowed to bring to the testing room: phones, tablets, dictionaries, digital cameras or watches, food or drinks, paper, rulers, protractors, or listening devices. For a full list of prohibited items, contact your ACCUPLACER test center.

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